We are a Christian Therapeutic Boarding School

A Therapeutic Boarding School is a school that offers an educational program that is specifically structured to support the supervision and training of students. Many challenges students may face can include emotional and behavioral problems, learning difficulties, lack of motivation and other deficits that are the result of self-harming behaviors like drug and alcohol experimentation/addiction and other mental health problems. The fact that we are a Christian boarding school means that our therapy is Biblically based.

Salem4youth’s on-campus school is named Valor Junior/Senior High School which uses a creative approach to education by providing a mix of instructional, relational and vocational training. Because some of our students come to our program behind in school or are in different places academically, our school is designed to challenge each student to work at their own pace and at the appropriate grade level. Our qualified and experienced teachers work with each student at a computer workstation, using a Christian home school based curriculum. Because of this individualized program and because our students go to school year-round, many of the students who have successfully completed the Salem4youth program leave Salem ahead in their studies.

Valor Junior/Senior High School

The word ‘Valor’ can be defined as: “above and beyond the call of duty…great courage, decisiveness and presence of mind during extraordinary circumstances. ” This is why we have named our school Valor Junior/Senior High School. At Salem4youth, our goal is to help each young man not only graduate from high school but learn what it means to excel in all they do.

The classroom consists of one teacher, a teacher’s aide and six computer stations for students. This gives the teacher optimum opportunity to work with each student at their own personal level. In the same classroom there may be a freshman sitting at one computer and a junior at another. Valor’s program is designed to assist each student be successful at their current educational ability. Each student is able to work at the level and speed that they need to be successful.

Every student is required to complete a predetermined number of “submissions” or lessons per week. Submissions may include lessons, essays, projects, quizzes and/or tests. If they achieve all of their submissions, they can continue to progress and complete as many submissions as they are able. This approach, coupled with the fact that Valor Junior/Senior High School is a year round school, helps struggling students not only catch up but often get ahead.

Students are expected to work quietly and respectfully. The teacher will work with each student as needed, assisting with schoolwork, grading tests and being a reference for the student’s educational experience.

For more information on Valor Junior/Senior High School’s curriculum, Click here to view our Home School Based Program.