Counseling is core to everything we do at Salem. Our counseling is two pronged in its approach, marrying therapeutic credibility with Biblical support.

First and foremost, our counseling is Biblical. Our experienced counselors focus on behavioral and emotional recovery. Our therapeutic program bridges the divide between family and son by providing consistent individual, family and group therapies. Many families have come to us asking for help with their troubled boys and have found that they themselves are helped as well.

Second, our counseling is therapeutic based. We counsel from wisdom and experience. It is our belief that the only way to change outward behavior is through what we call a ‘heart change.’ We can change their mind, but only God can change their heart. We believe this and all of our counseling, though therapeutic, is also supported by scripture. All of our campus staff are intentional in actively interacting with our students throughout the day and evening. Many of these open conversations lead to deeper life centered discussions. The Ranch could be accurately described as place where the boys begin to feel comfortable opening up to staff and “peeling back the onion” on important life issues. Many times these interactions are a part of significant heart change and healing.


A key aspect of the Salem4youth ministry is Biblical counseling. While a young man is here, both he and his family take part in regular Biblically based counseling. That counseling takes place here on The Ranch. This counseling is mandatory and an essential part of the reconciliation process.


For those young men who enter Salem4youth with addictive behaviors, Salem has created an Addictive Habits Counseling Program that specifically addresses the core issues that families are facing as they grapple with the problem of a son with addictive tendencies.


  • To address the challenge of substance abuse/addictive habits among students at Salem4youth.
  • To provide opportunity for students to understand and respond properly to past use.
  • To prepare students to live in freedom once they have left Salem4youth.
  • To educate parents on the challenges of substance abuse and addictive habits and equip them to be a positive force in their son’s life.

When choosing to pursue Salem4youth as a placement for your son, be sure to mention your interest in the Addiction Counseling Program. For more information contact Terry Benge our Director. Here is how to reach Terry: by phone 814-796-4561 or by e-mail @