All of our students live here on The Ranch in a cottage. There are two students per room. The cottage is essentially a “dormitory” for the boys.


If you are interested in Salem4youth and its options for your son, your first contact will be with our Executive Director. He will help you walk through the process of determining whether your son is:

1) A possible fit for the Salem4youth Program.

2) What the next steps need to be for your son to come to Salem.

If your son is accepted into the Salem4youth Program, he will be constantly evaluated by our Advisement Council and given appropriate goals each week, to help set the foundation for change.


The campus of Salem4youth is free from many of the distractions of our daily culture, giving us an opportunity to get their attention from the first day they arrive. Our campus is located/surrounded by corn or soybean fields in rural Central, Illinois. Although we have Internet and TV, both are tightly monitored and controlled. Our students are not allowed to have cell phones or other electronic communication devices. Our young men live communally in cottages generally with two students per room.